One of my main topic of research is the issue of well-posedness for systems of first-order, quasilinear PDEs. The focus is on properties of the spectrum of the principal symbol of the system – reality of the spectrum, crossing of eigenvalues. In the cases of non-reality of the spectrum, I prove an Hadamard instability in Gevrey spaces, hence pointing out the strong, local ill-posedness of such systems. In some cases of crossing of real eigenvalues, I prove an energy estimate in Gevrey spaces.

In collaboration with Jonathan Ben-Artzi in the QUEST project, I work in kinetic theory. We are interested in many features of Vlasov-Poisson and Vlasov-Maxwell equations: Landau damping, time-decay of plasmas, micro- to mesoscopic limit…



  1. On hyperbolicity and Gevrey well-posedness. Part three: a class of weakly hyperbolic systems, 2018 (arxiv).
  2. On the action of pseudo-differential operators on Gevrey spaces, 2017 (pdf , arxiv).
  3. On hyperbolicity and Gevrey well-posedness. Part two: scalar or degenerate transitions, 2017 (pdf , arxiv – accepted in Journal of Differential Equations).
  4. On hyperbolicity and Gevrey well-posedness. Part one: the elliptic case, 2016 (pdf , arxiv).


  1. 2018 April 24: Geometry and Analysis Seminar at QMUL, London.
  2. 2018 February 21st: Network on Hyperbolic Equations in Loughbourough.
  3. 2018 February 12th: GAPDE Seminar at Cambridge.
  4. 2017 November 28th: Seminaire Analyse-EDP de l’Institut Camille Jordan (Lyon, France).
  5. 2017 November 16th: Pure Analysis and PDEs Seminar at Imperial College (London, UK).
  6. 2017 October 2nd: Cardiff University Analysis Seminar.


  1. 2018 November: LMS Scheme 4 Grant “Research in Pairs” for a two weeks visit in Lyon for a collaboration with Francsco Fanelli.
    Total amount: £1200.
  2. 2018 June: LMS Scheme 1 Grant to organize the Conference An Analyst, a Geometer and a Probabilist walk into a bar with Jonathan Ben-Artzi in Cardiff in June 2018.
    Total amount: £6000.


  1. Le problème de Cauchy pour les systèmes quasi-linéaires faiblement hyperboliques ou non-hyperboliques en régularité Gevrey, 2017 ( pdf ).