News #1

What a busy way to start a new year! After attending the workshop Recent trends on PDEs at King’s College, London at the beginning of January, I gave two talks in Cambridge and Loughborough in February on my work on the issue of well-posedness for weakly hyperbolic systems. Promise, it will be on ArXiv soon… fingers crossed! It is always a pleasure to discuss about your own research with either expert or non expert of the field.

I also had the great news, right at New Year’s Eve, that my second paper has been accepted in Journal of Differential Equations. I was really happy about it – and relieved, as it is my very first paper to have ever been published!

Starting February, I gave an (ongoing) serie of mini-courses about weakly hyperbolic systems in Cardiff, to my fellow colleagues. These rather informal sessions are for me a great opportunity to both describe to non-experts this not-so-well-known field of researchs, and to take some time to gather and synthezise the main ideas. I am currently writing down my notes, I hope there will be finished in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

See you in Cardiff or Paris or elsewhere,


Future talks & seminars

I start this blog by a simple, straightforward post about my future talks and attending seminars of the next few months.

I will talk about my more recent work on the issue of well-posedness for weakly hyperbolic systems of first-order PDEs, in Gevrey spaces. This is part of my thesis, and will be (soon enough…) a formal paper. First, I will be at the Imperial College next Thursday to give a talk at the Pure Analysis and PDEs seminar. Second, I will be in Lyon, France, and give a talk on November 28th at the Seminaire Analyse-EDP of Lyon. Note that I will be in Lyon from November 27th to 30th!

About seminars and conferences I will attend, I will be in Paris from December 11th to 17th, and will attend the workshop “Mathematical aspects of fluids: kinetics and dynamics” and London-Paris Seminar. To start 2018 well, I will also go to the conference on Recent trends on PDEs, in King’s College, London, from January 8th to 11th.

Hope to see you soon, in Cardiff, Paris, Lyon or London!