News #1

What a busy way to start a new year! After attending the workshop Recent trends on PDEs at King’s College, London at the beginning of January, I gave two talks in Cambridge and Loughborough in February on my work on the issue of well-posedness for weakly hyperbolic systems. Promise, it will be on ArXiv soon… fingers crossed! It is always a pleasure to discuss about your own research with either expert or non expert of the field.

I also had the great news, right at New Year’s Eve, that my second paper has been accepted in Journal of Differential Equations. I was really happy about it – and relieved, as it is my very first paper to have ever been published!

Starting February, I gave an (ongoing) serie of mini-courses about weakly hyperbolic systems in Cardiff, to my fellow colleagues. These rather informal sessions are for me a great opportunity to both describe to non-experts this not-so-well-known field of researchs, and to take some time to gather and synthezise the main ideas. I am currently writing down my notes, I hope there will be finished in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

See you in Cardiff or Paris or elsewhere,


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